When I got my first YoYo, I was searching the internet for cool things to do with it (as you do!).  I stumbed across some of Andre Boulay’s YoYoExpert tutorial videos on google, and as I watched the videos I kept seeing him start his tricks with this cool move where you throw the YoYo out wide, then bring it around over your non-throw-hand finger and then land the YoYo on the string. This is called Man on the Flying Trapeze (or just Trapeze).

Now, this was very early on in my YoYo playing, and I used to think Walk the Dog was cool!  So when I saw this trick (well it’s not really a trick, it’s a mount), I thought it was great!  It took me quite a while to get it right, but I eventually did.

Here’s the trick below from YoYoExpert.com:

Man on the Flying Trapeze

If you want to progress to more advanced tricks, then you’re going to want to get this one pretty solid.  It really helps to have a wider gap YoYo (ie. something with a butterfly-type shape to it).  It’s much harder to land this with a narrower gap.  I started doing this with my Yomega Maverick, so it was a decent gap to land it on.

So, if you’re just starting out – check out the video above and keep practicing.  The Man on the Flying Trapeze  is one of the staple moves in all YoYo tricks, so get it solid!  And even though it’s simple, you’ll still amaze your non-YoYo playing friends with it!

Have fun!