Learning to Play!

Man on the Flying Trapeze

When I got my first YoYo, I was searching the internet for cool things to do with it (as you do!).  I stumbed across some of Andre Boulay’s YoYoExpert tutorial videos on google, and as I watched the videos I kept seeing him start his tricks with this cool move where you throw the YoYo out wide, then bring it around over your non-throw-hand finger and then land the YoYo on the string. This is called Man on the Flying Trapeze (or just...

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So, how do I start learning how to use this YoYo thing?

Great question!  I was asking myself the same thing not too long ago and after a bit of googling, I came up with the solution – YoYoExpert.com.  YoYoExpert.com is the US-based YoYo website owned by US National YoYo Master, Andre Boulay. If you go to the YoYoExpert.com site you’ll see the Learn menu (see the screenshot below). Under this menu you will see a list of skill levels.  If you haven’t thrown YoYos before, or...

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