Hi there, and welcome to YoYo Yo!

My name is Matt, and this is my new online YoYo shop!  I’ve been playing with YoYos for a while now and I’ve loved them so much I decided to open a shop and share the goodness of YoYos!

I’m still only on the intermediate level with my tricks, but I’m getting there, and I’d like to share my journey here on my blog with you.  So anything new I learn, I’m going to share with you.

The YoYo I’m currently using is a Yomega Maverick – it’s not too bad, however, I’m finding it hard to do even some of the intermediate level tricks.  The gap (for the string to go in)  is not wide enough, causing it to be a little too responsive (ie. the string catches on the response pads and comes back up to my hand too quickly).    This is also made worse by the 100% polyester Duncan string I’ve got on there – I really don’t like this string, but I’ve leave that for another day…

We sell a variety of brands of YoYos – currently, we are selling the main stream brands of YoYosYoYoJam, YoYoFactory, Yomega and Duncan.  We’ll branch out soon to include more and more brands.

That’s it for now.

Get YoYoing!