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Adjustable Response (What is this?)
This yoyo has adjustable response. You can adjust it to be either responsive or unresponsive. Click on our FAQ for more information.
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YoYo Yo! Beginner / Intermediate YoYo Gift Pack (Includes YoYo)

Available Colours: Contact us for available colours!

So, you want to buy someone a yoyo, but not sure where to start? How about buy them a YoYo Yo Beginner's Gift Pack! We've made all the hard decisions for you, so you don't have to!

The YoYo Yo Beginner's Gift Pack contains all a budding YoYo player needs to start learning YoYo play.

The pack contains:

  • Magic YoYo One Third YoYo - a beginner/intermediate yoyo that comes with a thin, responsive bearing which is great for a beginner player! With the included full-size (centering) C bearing, you can turn the One Third into an excellent intermediate, unresponsive yoyo, so you can try all those cool string tricks!  Available colours are: Contact us for available colours!
  • YoYo Yo 100% Polyester Strings 20 Pack - a pack of 20 100% Polyestet in random colours.
  • Full-Size Centering Bearing - when you're ready to go unresponsive, use this full-size C bearing to supercharge your throw!
  • YoYo Glove - a special yoyo glove to help protect your fingers, so you can play for longer!
  • YoYo Bag - a soft, drawstring bag to keep your new investment safe!
  • Unresponsive Thin Lube Sample Pack - a sample portion in a small bottle of unresponsive yoyo lube to keep your unresponsive bearing going strong!  (NOTE: only use a single tiny drop on the bearing once it becomes noisy!)
  • Finger Tape Starter Pack - a starter pack of finger tape (random colour) to help protect your fingers! (about 20cm of tape included)

We will also include our Safety Sheet and a quick note on where to go online to learn the best tricks!

That's more than $40 worth of value if bought separately!

NOTE: when you purchase this gift pack, please see the Magic YoYo One Third page to see which colours are available (or see above), and make sure you enter the colour choice you want in the textfield above.

NOTE: this item is NOT gift wrapped, it just provides a great selection of items that  perfect for a gift!

YoYo Attributes
YoYo Response Adjustable
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Suitable Ages 8+

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