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This yoyo requires a special bind return technique to get it to come back to your hand. Please be aware that this may require a little practice to master! Click on our FAQ for more information.
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YoYo Yo! Advanced YoYo Gift Pack (Includes YoYo)

So, you want to buy someone an advanced yoyo, but not sure where to start? How about buy them a YoYo Yo Advanced Gift Pack! We have included an all-metal yoyo, strings and everything else an advanced player will need to play!

The YoYo Yo Advanced Gift Pack contains everything an advanced player will need to play. The pack contains:

  • Magic YoYo T6 Rainbow Aluminium YoYo - a great all-aluminium unresponsive yoyo, great for string tricks. It has heavy weight and a wide gap - perfect for unresponsive string play! Available colours are: Contact us for available colours!
  • God Tricks Rainbow String Pack 24 - a pack of 24 God Tricks Cotton/Poly Strings in Six Colours, including four strings of each available colour.
  • Spare Concave 10-Ball Bearing - a 10-ball bearing will make your yoyo spin longer, and run smoother!
  • Spare Response Pads - if you play a lot, the response pads of your yoyo may fail, and you'll need to replace them. Use these to do the job!
  • Spare Axle - with lots of tightening and loosening of your yoyo, sometimes the axle can get worn out. Use one of these to replace it!
  • Unresponsive Lube - if your bearing sounds a little dry, remember to use some lube. We will include some unresponsive thin lube. Remember to only use a TINY bit though! 
  • YoYo Glove - a special yoyo glove to help protect your fingers, so you can play for longer!
  • YoYo Bag - a soft, drawstring bag to keep your new investment safe!

We will also include our Safety Sheet and a quick note on where to go online to learn the best tricks!

That's over $65 worth of value if bought separately!

NOTE: when you purchase this gift pack, please see the Magic YoYo T6 Rainbow page (or see above) to see which colours are available, and make sure you write your colour choice in the text field above!

NOTE: this item is NOT gift wrapped, it just provides a great selection of items that  perfect for a gift!

YoYo Attributes
YoYo Response Bind Required
Age Restrictions
Suitable Ages 14+

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