YoYoSkeel® was founded in 2010 by 6X Malaysian national yo-yo champion, Muhammad Shakeel Mohd Rose. His focus was on competing and now creating his own yoyo pattern that makes playing with a yo-yo more enjoyable and creating a smoother play experience.

YoYoSkeel® is a yo-yo product by Skeel Enterprise in Malaysia and represents as first yo-yo brand made in Malaysia.  Here at YoYo Yo we are always looking out for new yoyo manufacturers to support, especially those in the Asia-Pacific region!

These yoyos are competition-grade YoYos that look great and play great!

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YoYoSkeel Stage 1
Introducing the first plastic yo-yo used and designed by Malaysia champions, Muhammad Shakeel 7x..
YoYoSkeel Start Up
The YoYoSkeel Start Up has been specifically designed as a beginner's yoyo for those who have li..
YoYoSkeel Super Bright
The Super Bright is another superb 2014 release from YoYoskeel in Malaysia! The Superbright is Y..
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