Magic YoYo are a high-quality, but low-budget outfit from China that make superb value-for-money yoyos that are great for anyone wanting a fun full-metal throw!

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Magic YoYo SKYVA by Jeffrey Pang
Based on 2 reviews.
The Magic YoYo SKYVA is the result of a new collaboration between YoYo designer Jeffrey Pang, an..
Magic YoYo Stealth (M04) Bi-Metal
Magic YoYo's second bi-metal yoyo is even better than the first!   The Stealth (M04)..
Magic YoYo T1 Captain (Offstring/4A)
Ahoy there Captain! Magic YoYo has released their first offstring (4A) yoyo, called the T1 Capta..
Magic YoYo T5 Overlord
The Magic YoYo T5 Overlord is a good-quality, low-budget, unresponsive aluminium yoyo. It featur..
Magic YoYo T6 Rainbow
Based on 1 reviews.
The Magic YoYo T6 Rainbow is an undersized diameter but wide, low-budget, unresponsive aluminium..
Magic YoYo T8 Shadow
The Magic YoYo T8 Shadow is an narrow (width), but wide diameter, low-budget, unresponsive alumi..
Magic YoYo T9
New from Magic YoYo is the T9 - the first Magic YoYo designed to be both responsive and unrespon..
Magic YoYo VARIANT by Brandon Vu and Jeffrey Pang
Need a competition yo-yo that won’t break the bank? Magicyoyo and Australian National Yoyo Champ..
YoYo Yo! Advanced YoYo Gift Pack (Includes YoYo)
Based on 1 reviews.
So, you want to buy someone an advanced yoyo, but not sure where to start? How about buy them a ..
YoYo Yo! Beginner / Intermediate YoYo Gift Pack (Includes YoYo)
Based on 1 reviews.
Available Colours:  So, you want to buy someone a yoyo, but not sure where to start?..
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