Donald Duncan, is that man that brought YoYos into prominence starting in the 1930's. Duncan was the first to introduce plastic YoYos and the butterfly-shaped YoYos.

These days Duncan-brand YoYos are still extremely popular - with a history like they have, why wouldn't they be?

See our range of Duncan YoYos below!

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Duncan Limelight (Light up)
Creating a light show on a string is easy with the Duncan Lime Light™! The Duncan Lime Li..
Duncan Metal Drifter
The best-selling Metal Drifter™ combines high performance and high play value. Made of precision..
Duncan Metal Racer
The Metal Racer is one of the best values in yo-yo play. Made of precision machined aluminum, th..
Duncan Pro Z
Introducing the Duncan Pro Z™ with MOD Spacers™ Yo-Yo! A new addition to Duncan's Hardcore Serie..
Duncan ProFly
Wing-shaped version of the ProYo! The ProFly™ Yo-Yo has a modified flared shape and rim-weighte..
Duncan ProYo
Duncan's looping, wooden-axle YoYo! The perfect addition to the classic line, the modified shap..
Duncan Pulse
Lights up as it spins with beautiful blue, red and yellow lights! Not only the best light-up yo..
Duncan Reflex
Based on 2 reviews.
The only Duncan YoYo to have an auto-return function! Auto-Return Technology! The special "Auto..
Duncan SkyHawk (Offstring)
The Duncan SkyHawk™ is a top performing, 4A (off-string) machine! Perfect for the beginner to pr..
Duncan Strix
Designed by 2011 European Yo-Yo Champion Kohta Watanabe, the Strix™ features a clean, modern pro..
Duncan Wheels
A classic wide/flared shape design!  Wheels™ rolls down the street as a great yo-yo for beg..
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