YoYofficer is another great yoyo company from China, with a wealth of YoYo experience, they continually come up with some great full-metal yoyo designs that offer fantastic performance at an even better price!

YOYOFFICER will break the routine, realize the dream!

Check out our YoYofficer range below!

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YoYofficer Dasher
Funky Look, Great Play! The DASHER has a funky look with slightly undercut, flat rims. This res..
YoYofficer Eager
Metal Yo, Metal Rim, Great Look! The EAGER is the next in YoYofficer's alphabetical line of all..
YoYofficer Kilter 2
Based on 1 reviews.
How do you make a great yoyo even better?  Firstly, you redistribute the weight so that the..
YoYofficer Kilter 3
The Kilter 3 is the third installment of this great yoyo model from YoYofficer! The desig..
YoYofficer Quash
The YoYofficer Quash is the latest high-performance, all aluminium yoyo from YoYofficer! ..
YoYofficer Urban
YoYofficer's recent models focused on lighter feeling and agile play and we loved them for that...
YoYofficer Vector
The latest YoYofficer offering - the Vector, is a wide body, with a sutble curved H-profile shap..
YoYofficer XPoint
Introducing YoYofficer's first PLASTIC yoyo, the XPoint!  The XPoint has been designed to b..
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