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This yoyo requires a special bind return technique to get it to come back to your hand. Please be aware that this may require a little practice to master! Click on our FAQ for more information.
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YoYoFactory DV888 Splash Edition

YoYoFactory's first low-priced, full-metal YoYo!

The YoYoFactory DV888 is the result of a long time goal: to make the world’s best performing modern yo-yo at a price that almost anyone can afford. In order to accomplish this goal, YoYoFactory transferred all of the patented technology from our Premium Line yo-yos into a very simple and comfortable design. The DV888 is composed of high grade 6061 aluminum for durable performance,

A smooth anodized grinding surface, a large Central Bearing Co. SPEC Bearing, and the same silicone pad response system as our Premium Line yo-yos. Whether it is your first metal yo-yo or your go-to yo-yo for your next major performance, the DV888 will not disappoint!

The DV888 was built to be completely unresponsive, so it is aimed at intermediate and advanced players who are comfortable with unresponsive play!

This is the SPLASH edition of the DV888 with superb splashed colours!


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See the DV888 in action below!

YoYo Attributes
YoYo Shape Butterfly
YoYo Full Diameter (mm) 50.04 mm
YoYo Full Width (mm) 40.58 mm
YoYo Material Metal
YoYo Weight (grams) 67 grams
YoYo Bearing Size Size C
YoYo Response System YYF CBC Pad large slim
YoYo Response Bind Required
Age Restrictions
Suitable Ages 14+

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