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YoYoFactory 100% Polyester KNOT BAD Strings - 10 Pack

One colour, once size, one price!  It's Knot Bad at all!

YoYoFactory has been working on a new premium 100% polyester string to ship with all their yoyos, and they have come up with the new, Knot Bad string!

These strings are approximately 110-115cm long, and yellow in colour.  You will get 10 strings in this pack.

With a soft and slightly bouncy feel, give them a try and see why YYF are shipping them with all their yoyos now!  It will Knot be a Bad choice! (ok, I'll stop now!)

String Attributes
String Material 100% Polyester
String Count 10
String Colour Yellow
String Length 110-115cm
Age Restrictions
Suitable Ages 8+

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