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Magic YoYo Bearing Removal Tool

The Magic YoYo Bearing Removal Tool is a great little tool that aids with removing bearings that become stuck to the bearing seat (very common!) This tool is for size C bearings (most common size of bearing these days).

The bearing removal end is hollowed out, so you can use it to remove bearings that are stuck on the side of the yoyo which still has the axle attached - a very  useful feature!

To use the tool, you just insert the end of the removal tool (with the hole in it) inside the inner hole of the bearing (still attached to the yoyo half), and gently wiggle the tool back and forth until you loosen the bearing.

The non-removal end of the tool has a small hole which you can thread through some string to attach to your yoyo bag or keyring.

A great tool at a great price!

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Suitable Ages 8+

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