Magic YoYo are a high-quality, but low-budget outfit from China that make superb value-for-money yoyos that are great for anyone wanting a fun full-metal throw!

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C3yoyodesign VaporMotion (Vapor Motion)
C3yoyodesign has got together with the yoyo making magic from Magic YoYo to release the finger-s..
Magic YoYo 7075 Aluminium SKYVA by Jeffrey Pang
The brand new 7075 Aluminium Skyva shares the same shape and design as the 6061 counterpart - bu..
Magic YoYo April M002
Based on 1 reviews.
The Magic YoYo April (M002) is Magic YoYo's latest full-metal YoYo - and it is a brilliant throw..
Magic YoYo AURORA Aluminium (Light Up)
Magic YoYo have brought our their first full-metal, alumium light-up yoyo - the Aurora! W..
Magic YoYo Carpfin
Based on 1 reviews.
The Carpfin is the latest fantastic new throw from Magic YoYo designed by yoyo designer and thro..
Magic YoYo D1 GHZ (Looping/2A)
Magic YoYo have produced their first looping / 2A yoyo called the GHZ (D1 Model)! The GHZ..
Magic YoYo D3 Dawn (Looping/2A)
The Magic YoYo D3 DAWN is the latest version of injection molding products after MAGICYOYO-D1/D2..
Magic YoYo Delrin SKYVA by Jeffrey Pang
The brand new Delrin Skyva is the answer to the number one most requested version in 2017, so he..
Magic YoYo Hotdiggidy
American YoYo Player Dylan Kowalski (yes, the one with the mohawk!) has teamed up with Magic YoY..
Magic YoYo K1 (Unresponsive)
Based on 4 reviews.
The Magic YoYo K1 is a brilliant new all-plastic addition to the Magic YoYo line! The K1 is supe..
Magic YoYo K1 Beginners (Responsive)
The Magic YoYo K1 Responsive is a beginner's version of the ever-popular K1 yoyo.  ..
Magic YoYo K2 Plus Crystal
The Magic YoYo CRYSTAL (K2 PLUS) is the latest unresponsive injection-molded Yo-Yo following on&..
Magic YoYo K3
Based on 1 reviews.
The Magic YoYo K3 is a slightly undersized all-metal, hubstacked yoyo that is super fast and fun..
Magic YoYo K5
Based on 1 reviews.
The Magic YoYo K5 is a slightly undersized, narrow, step-round shaped, aluminium yoyo. It is a f..
Magic YoYo K6 Bronze Saints
The Magic YoYo K6 (Bronze Saints) is a slightly undersized, narrow, aluminium yoyo with ful..
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