If you're more than a novice and you've got the basics covered, then grabbing an intermediate YoYo is probably a good idea.  The intermediate skill level contains a mix of both responsive and unresponsive YoYos.

Intermediate YoYos are more likely to be a bit heavier, as this skill level tends to include YoYos that are made of metal or include weighted rims to help with rotation.

Browse our range of intermediate YoYos below!

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Vosun Offstring (V8)
The Vosun V8 is Vosun's first off-string model.  Made from machined Delrin plastic, it is extre..
Vosun Okkar (9S)
The Vosun Okkar (9S) is a full size, aluminium yoyo very similar in design to the super TiM..
Vosun Petrichor (V6)
The Vosun Petrichor (V6) is based on the excellent Aethyr model, but it has been given an upgrad..
Vosun Plus1 (1S+)
Vosun's first release model, the 1S Stary has been given a few modifications and has been re-rel..
Vosun Rogue (4S)
The Vosun Rogue (4S) is one of the newest models from the fantastic Vosun range!  With its ..
Vosun Space Cookie (V5)
The Vosun Space Cookie (V5) is the signature yo-yo of Vosun team player Jakub Wawrzyniak (Nick n..
Vosun Vortex (V4)
The Vosun Vortex (V4) is a medium sized yoyo, and has a no-frills step-straight shape, but it pl..
Vosun Zebra (1Sx)
The Vosun Zebra (1Sx) is Vosun's newest undersize yoyo that is a heap of fun to play with!  ..
Yomega 3 Piece DELUXE Gift Set
The Yomega 3 Piece Deluxe Gift Set is designed to please the more advanced player. This set incl..
Yomega 3 Piece Gift Set
The Yomega® 3 Piece Gift Set is sure to please any player!  A great idea for a birthday or ..
Yomega Brain
Super cool auto-return function - great for learning sleepers! The Yo-Yo that returns automatic..
Yomega Crossfire
Wide, All-Plastic PRO-Level Yomega Throw! The Yomega® Crossfire is a wide, H-shaped yoyo that's..
Yomega Dash
The Maverick's Big Brother - Wider, Bigger, Heavier! The Dash is similar to the Maverick, but h..
Yomega Fireball
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Yomega's Superb Beginner to Intermediate Looping YoYo! The Yomega Fireball is the Yo-Yo that st..
Yomega Maverick
Yomega brings full-metal YoYos to the masses! NOW with Standard Size C Bearing! Yomega’s..
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