If you're more than a novice and you've got the basics covered, then grabbing an intermediate YoYo is probably a good idea.  The intermediate skill level contains a mix of both responsive and unresponsive YoYos.

Intermediate YoYos are more likely to be a bit heavier, as this skill level tends to include YoYos that are made of metal or include weighted rims to help with rotation.

Browse our range of intermediate YoYos below!

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Magic YoYo T9
New from Magic YoYo is the T9 - the first Magic YoYo designed to be both responsive and unrespon..
Magic YoYo VARIANT by Brandon Vu and Jeffrey Pang
Need a competition yo-yo that won’t break the bank? Magicyoyo and Australian National Yoyo Champ..
One Drop Benchmark V 2014
The One Drop Benchmark Series of yoyos all have the same weight, diameter and width. The only di..
One Drop Rebirth
The Rebirth is the signature yo-yo of One Drop team player Ryosuke Kawamura. Ryosuke was ..
R2FG ACM Acmite Begleri
R2FG don't just make yoyos, they make top-quality Begleri too! The Begleri, originated fr..
R2FG ATG Antigorite
R2FG stands for Rotation to Fight Gravity - and that's just what their yoyos do! Their fi..
R2FG BRC Brucite
R2FG stands for Rotation to Fight Gravity - and that's just what their yoyos do! Their se..
Recess First Base
Based on 1 reviews.
Introducing Tyler Severance's brand, Recess! Their first throw is the aptly named First Base - g..
Recess Komodo
The Recess Komodo is the signature yoyo of 2013-14 Asian 1A champion, Ahmad Kharisma - now a mem..
Recess Vacation
The Recess Vacation is the second Bi-Metal yoyo from Recess - a line of yoyos that just keeps ge..
Vosun Aethyr (6S)
The Vosun Aethyr (6S) is one of the most popular Vosun models due to its light feel resulting in..
Vosun Crawler 2 (5S)
The Vosun Crawler 2 (5S) is a revamped version of the Crawler which was the signature model of E..
Vosun Duang (V7) BI-METAL!
Ever wanted a bi-metal yoyo without paying the ridiculous price for it? Well you are in luck! Th..
Vosun EzTrik (7S)
The Vosun EzTrik (7S) certainly lives up to its name - it's easy to do tricks on it! A full-size..
Vosun Galsang (V9) BI-METAL!
Last year, Vosun released their first Bi-Metal (brass ring) yoyo, the Duang.  Now, Vosun have r..
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