Once you've covered off most of the beginner and intermediate tricks, it's time to move onto an advanced YoYo to really showcase your skills to your friends!  

Advanced-level YoYos tend to be exquisitly crafted pieces that are extremely well balanced, allowing you to take your YoYo skills to the next level!

Browse our advanced YoYos below!

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C3yoyodesign Accelerator
C3yoyodesign's latest throw is part of their Essential Series and is called the Accelerator! &nb..
C3yoyodesign VaporMotion (Vapor Motion)
C3yoyodesign has got together with the yoyo making magic from Magic YoYo to release the finger-s..
Duncan Echo 2
Inspired by the original Echo design, which won both National and World titles, the Echo 2 yo-yo..
Duncan Freakhand (Freehand) Counterweight Classic
The Duncan Freehand™ is the original counterweight yo-yo that started it all! With the introduct..
Duncan Freehand
The Duncan Freehand™ is the original counterweight yo-yo that started it all! With the introduct..
$26.95 $22.95
Duncan Freehand Pro
The Freehand yoyo is probably Duncan's most iconic yoyo, and now it's been redesigned and it's b..
Duncan Freehand Zero (FHZ)
The Duncan FreeHand Zero™ (FHZ) is a favorite among yo-yo players worldwide and has been used to..
Duncan Hornet
The Hornet is Duncan's ripping answer to a looping yoyo! Designed for beginners to professionals..
Duncan Imperial Spin Top
The Imperial® Spin Top was designed with the beginner in mind. Its light-weight body and ..
Duncan Metal Drifter
The best-selling Metal Drifter™ combines high performance and high play value. Made of precision..
Duncan SkyHawk (Offstring)
The Duncan SkyHawk™ is a top performing, 4A (off-string) machine! Perfect for the beginner to pr..
Duncan Strix
Designed by 2011 European Yo-Yo Champion Kohta Watanabe, the Strix™ features a clean, modern pro..
Magic YoYo 7075 Aluminium SKYVA by Jeffrey Pang
The brand new 7075 Aluminium Skyva shares the same shape and design as the 6061 counterpart - bu..
Magic YoYo April M002
Based on 1 reviews.
The Magic YoYo April (M002) is Magic YoYo's latest full-metal YoYo - and it is a brilliant throw..
Magic YoYo AURORA Aluminium (Light Up)
Magic YoYo have brought our their first full-metal, alumium light-up yoyo - the Aurora! W..
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