If you're more than a novice and you've got the basics covered, then grabbing an intermediate YoYo is probably a good idea.  The intermediate skill level contains a mix of both responsive and unresponsive YoYos.

Intermediate YoYos are more likely to be a bit heavier, as this skill level tends to include YoYos that are made of metal or include weighted rims to help with rotation.

Browse our range of intermediate YoYos below!

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YoYoFactory Czech Point
Vashek Kroutil is one of the most well known names in the European yo-yo scene. As an EYYC Champ..
YoYoFactory Czech Point Pivot
After a year of development, YoYoFactory is ready to introduce the Pivot series of yoyos. This t..
YoYoFactory DayDream
The DayDream is the full plastic evolution of the Dream concept! Following the huge succe..
YoYoFactory Dream (Aluminium)
Based off of the super-popular YoYoFactory Titanium Dream, this aluminium model allows players t..
YoYoFactory DV888
Based on 1 reviews.
YoYoFactory's first low-priced, full-metal YoYo! The YoYoFactory DV888 is the result of a long ..
YoYoFactory DV888 Splash Edition
YoYoFactory's first low-priced, full-metal YoYo! The YoYoFactory DV888 is the result of a long ..
YoYoFactory Elec-Trick LED Spin Top
This is the Elec-Trick LED Version! We have taken the Elec-Trick one step forward and ins..
YoYoFactory Elec-Trick Spin Top
This is the Elec-Trick! Made with a tough polycarbonate body built for impacts, and a BEA..
YoYoFactory FAST 201
A great beginner's YoYo with three adjustable levels of response! The yo-yo that started it all..
YoYoFactory Flight
YoYoFactory has entered the world of Offstring with their first off-string model, the Flight! ..
YoYoFactory Flight PRO (Delrin)
The Flight Offstring yoyo has cemented itself as the best value Offstring model available! ..
YoYoFactory Grind Machine
Based on 1 reviews.
The funky YoYoFactory plastic YoYo with hub stacks! Next generation yo-yo performance. The Grin..
YoYoFactory Heist (UNDERSIZE)
Made in the USA! Taking the idea of a 'pocket yoyo' to a whole new level, the Heist packs..
YoYoFactory Horizon
Based on 2 reviews.
The YoYoFactory Horizon is the signature YoYo of one of Mexico's greatest yoyo players, Paul Ker..
YoYoFactory Hubstack YoYo
Based on 1 reviews.
The Hubstack is our newest performance plastic yoyo, designed for all skill levels. For years, w..
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