If you're more than a novice and you've got the basics covered, then grabbing an intermediate YoYo is probably a good idea.  The intermediate skill level contains a mix of both responsive and unresponsive YoYos.

Intermediate YoYos are more likely to be a bit heavier, as this skill level tends to include YoYos that are made of metal or include weighted rims to help with rotation.

Browse our range of intermediate YoYos below!

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Yomega Raider
The King of looping YoYos is here! Bearing system Yo-Yo's mean speed! The Yomega Raider is the ..
Yomega Spectrum (Light Up)
Yomega's NEW Multi-Coloured Light-Up YoYo! The Spectrum is the newest yo-yo from Yomega. It fea..
Yomega Star Struck
Based on 1 reviews.
The Yomega Star Struck is the latest in Yomega's Elite range of unresponsive yoyos! Its h..
Yomega Xodus II
Yomega's only offstring offering! Get ready to depart from the ordinary! Yomega's Xodus ..
Yomega Yo-Mod (Yo Mod) BX2 Blue
BX2 Blue - Mid-weight and Medium Responsiveness! Now players can build their own yo-yo’s to per..
Yomega Yo-Mod (Yo Mod) G-R Green
G-R - Green Responsive! Build your YoYo the way you want it to perform! Now players can build t..
Yomega Yo-Mod (Yo Mod) Pro Speed
Pro Speed - Heavy Weight and Unresponsive! Now players can build their own yo-yo’s to perform t..
YoYo Yo! Beginner / Intermediate YoYo Gift Pack (Includes YoYo)
Based on 1 reviews.
Available Colours:  So, you want to buy someone a yoyo, but not sure where to start?..
YoYoFactory Arrow
The Arrow is a great new beginner-intermediate adjustable-response throw from YoYoFactory! ..
YoYoFactory Arrow (Metal Weight)
A step-up from the plastic beginner's Arrow - the Arrow Metal Weight has a weighty metal ring em..
YoYoFactory Arrow Metal
A further step-up from the the plastic Arrow and the Metal Weight Ring Arrow is the Metal Arrow!..
YoYoFactory Boost
Alex Hattori will compete this year to become the most successful player of ALL TIME at the USA ..
YoYoFactory BOSS (Undersized)
In 2008 the BOSS debuted as a high end undersized YoYo. The contest scene was being dominated by..
YoYoFactory Confusion
Oh gee… This one is just about FUN! About 20 years ago yoyos were designed to do everythi..
YoYoFactory Cypher
At almost every single World Yo-Yo Contest over the past 6 years, YoYoFactory has released a pro..
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