If you're more than a novice and you've got the basics covered, then grabbing an intermediate YoYo is probably a good idea.  The intermediate skill level contains a mix of both responsive and unresponsive YoYos.

Intermediate YoYos are more likely to be a bit heavier, as this skill level tends to include YoYos that are made of metal or include weighted rims to help with rotation.

Browse our range of intermediate YoYos below!

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Magic YoYo Hotdiggidy
American YoYo Player Dylan Kowalski (yes, the one with the mohawk!) has teamed up with Magic YoY..
Magic YoYo K1 (Responsive)
This new responsive version of the K1 comes stock with a thin (half-spec) C-size bearing, s..
Magic YoYo K1 (Unresponsive)
Based on 4 reviews.
The Magic YoYo K1 is a brilliant new all-plastic addition to the Magic YoYo line! The K1 is supe..
Magic YoYo K2 Plus Crystal
The Magic YoYo CRYSTAL (K2 PLUS) is the latest unresponsive injection-molded Yo-Yo following on&..
Magic YoYo K3
Based on 1 reviews.
The Magic YoYo K3 is a slightly undersized all-metal, hubstacked yoyo that is super fast and fun..
Magic YoYo K5
Based on 1 reviews.
The Magic YoYo K5 is a slightly undersized, narrow, step-round shaped, aluminium yoyo. It is a f..
Magic YoYo K6 Bronze Saints
The Magic YoYo K6 (Bronze Saints) is a slightly undersized, narrow, aluminium yoyo with ful..
Magic YoYo K8
The Magic YoYo K8 is a full-sized, slightly inverse-round shaped, full aluminium yoyo with quite..
Magic YoYo K9
The Magic YoYo K9 is a full-sized, H-profile shaped, full aluminium yoyo with quite flat rims. &..
Magic YoYo Katana (M06) Bi-Metal
Wow!  Magic YoYo have gotten together with Spin Gear to produce probably their greatest yoy..
Magic YoYo LM1 QingYu
Now for something completely different from Magic YoYo in collaboration with Takuto - a YoYo cro..
Magic YoYo Magical Bi-Metal M005
The Magic YoYo Magical (M005) is Magic YoYo's first Bi-Metal throw! Inspired by the fanta..
Magic YoYo METAL SKYVA by Jeffrey Pang
Are you ready for the next instalment in the Skyva line?  You will not be disappointed with..
Magic YoYo N11 (Solid Colour)
The Magic YoYo N11 features a "Zero in a zone" design, which originated from Chinese designer (a..
Magic YoYo N11 (Splash)
Based on 1 reviews.
The Magic YoYo N11 features a "Zero in a zone" design, which originated from Chinese designer (a..
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