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God Tricks YoBag (YoYo Bag)

Introducing the new YoBag from God Tricks!  

Made from the stuff that backpacks are made out of, it allows you so safely carry 6 YoYos in the moulded foam inside the bag.  If you need to carry more in there, you can remove the foam and you'll fit a bunch more!

On the inside, there is a net pocket, and on the outside there is a zippered pocket - heaps of room for extra strings, bearings, lube, etc..

The bag has a small handle on the top, but it also has a detachable shoulder strap, allowing you to throw it over your shoulder when travelling with your precious throws!

The bag measures (approximately) 24cm x 17cm x 7cm, and the internal holes are approximately 54mm in diameter.

Age Restrictions
Suitable Ages 8+

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