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God Tricks 40% Polyester / 60% Cotton 6-Ply String RAINBOW PACK (20 Strings)

God Tricks string is an unusual but superb 40% Polyester / 60% Cotton String that is suitable for all types of YoYos WITH BEARINGS.

God Tricks string is a tightly-wound, thin, Type-6 (6-Ply) string, making it great for unresponsive string tricks.

These strings are extra long (110-115cm), so that you can cut them down to suit your height.  They come with finger loops already tied.

In this pack you will get 20 God Tricks Strings, 5 of each colour (5 x Green, 5 x Purple, 5 x Yellow, 5 x Orange).

NOTE: these strings are NOT suitable for fixed axle yoyos!

String Attributes
String Material 40% Polyester / 60% Cotton
String Ply 6
String Count 20
String Colour Green, Purple, Yellow, Orange
String Length 110-115cm (approx)
Age Restrictions
Suitable Ages 8+

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