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Brand: C3YoYoDesign
Product Code: C3Y-LEVEL6
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Return Technique:
Bind Return Required (What is this?)
This yoyo requires a special bind return technique to get it to come back to your hand. Please be aware that this may require a little practice to master! Click on our FAQ for more information.
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C3yoyodesign Level 6

C3yoyodesign's newest throw is a lower-priced aluminium YoYo that's has many great features of some of C3yoyodesign's other great models.

The Level 6 is a comfortable throw, that is fast and stable and great for both beginners and pros alike.

Want to throw one of Hong Kong's best? Grab a Level 6 today!

YoYo Attributes
YoYo Shape Butterfly
YoYo Full Diameter (mm) 55.85 mm
YoYo Full Width (mm) 41.90 mm
YoYo Material Metal (Aluminium)
YoYo Weight (grams) 67.7 grams
YoYo Bearing Size Size C
YoYo Response System YYF CBC Pad large slim
YoYo Response Bind Required
Age Restrictions
Suitable Ages 14+

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