Just starting off with YoYoing?  You might like to look at the YoYos in the Beginner's section below!  It's never too late to learn how to throw - make it a fun experience with a great-quality YoYo!

Looking for some help getting started? Go no further than the brilliant YoYoExpert Site. Click on the Learn -> Beginner menu option and work your way through the videos!

Browse our range of beginner YoYos below!

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YoYoFactory Whip (RESPONSIVE)
Based on 2 reviews.
The Whip is a proven performer and offers so much for such a great price - now RESPONSIVE! This..
YoYofficer XPoint
Introducing YoYofficer's first PLASTIC yoyo, the XPoint!  The XPoint has been designed to b..
YoYoJam Big Ben
The Big Ben yoyo is a slightly oversized yoyo from YoYoJam that features the same great YYJ Ball..
YoYoSkeel Start Up
The YoYoSkeel Start Up has been specifically designed as a beginner's yoyo for those who have li..
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