Just starting off with YoYoing?  You might like to look at the YoYos in the Beginner's section below!  It's never too late to learn how to throw - make it a fun experience with a great-quality YoYo!

Looking for some help getting started? Go no further than the brilliant YoYoExpert Site. Click on the Learn -> Beginner menu option and work your way through the videos!

Browse our range of beginner YoYos below!

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Yomega Brain
Super cool auto-return function - great for learning sleepers! The Yo-Yo that returns automatic..
Yomega Crossfire
Wide, All-Plastic PRO-Level Yomega Throw! The Yomega® Crossfire is a wide, H-shaped yoyo that's..
Yomega Fireball
Based on 1 reviews.
Yomega's Superb Beginner to Intermediate Looping YoYo! The Yomega Fireball is the Yo-Yo that st..
Yomega Nebula
Shaped like a UFO - Plays Out of this World! An amazing new looping YoYo, the Nebula features b..
Yomega Power Brain XP
Based on 1 reviews.
SmartSwitch technology - turn the auto-return function on and off with a click! The first and o..
Yomega Spectrum (Light Up)
Yomega's NEW Multi-Coloured Light-Up YoYo! The Spectrum is the newest yo-yo from Yomega. It fea..
Yomega Xodus II
Yomega's only offstring offering! Get ready to depart from the ordinary! Yomega's Xodus ..
Yomega Yo-Mod (Yo Mod) G-R Green
G-R - Green Responsive! Build your YoYo the way you want it to perform! Now players can build t..
YoYo Yo! Beginner / Intermediate YoYo Gift Pack (Includes YoYo)
Based on 1 reviews.
Available Colours:  So, you want to buy someone a yoyo, but not sure where to start?..
YoYoFactory Arrow
The Arrow is a great new beginner-intermediate adjustable-response throw from YoYoFactory! ..
YoYoFactory Arrow (Metal Weight)
A step-up from the plastic beginner's Arrow - the Arrow Metal Weight has a weighty metal ring em..
YoYoFactory DayDream
The DayDream is the full plastic evolution of the Dream concept! Following the huge succe..
YoYoFactory Elec-Trick LED Spin Top
This is the Elec-Trick LED Version! We have taken the Elec-Trick one step forward and ins..
YoYoFactory Elec-Trick Spin Top
This is the Elec-Trick! Made with a tough polycarbonate body built for impacts, and a BEA..
YoYoFactory FAST 201
A great beginner's YoYo with three adjustable levels of response! The yo-yo that started it all..
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