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So, you want to get into the YoYo scene, but you're not quite sure what you should get? That's ok, I was in that situation myself in the past, and I've learnt a few things that I can pass on to you now.


These days YoYos are not toys, they are precision pieces of skill equipment! Modern day YoYos are not suitable for young children. All of the YoYos and accessories we stock on our website are for at least the 8+ age range. However, we do stock competition-quality YoYos that are not recommended for children under 14 years of age, as these are for older, more experienced players.

Each product page will have the recommended age of the product. We suggest you follow these recommendations for the safety of the player. Please see the screen shot below for an example of where to look on the product page for the age recommendation:

Skill Level

Here at YoYo Yo! we've categorised each YoYo as being either a Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced YoYo. Some YoYos are in more than one category since they can be used at a variety of skill levels. So, have a browse at our Beginner category and see if any of the YoYos take your fancy.


These days YoYos come in three basic shapes:

  • Classic / Imperial - the original YoYo shape, an all-purpose shape that's great for the classic YoYo tricks.
  • Modified - slightly wider gap than the classic, making it a little easier to land the string, but you would mainly use this shape of YoYo for looping tricks.
  • Butterfly / Wing - these are by far the most common shape these days, as it allows you to perform the widest variety of tricks. These YoYos have a much wider gap, allowing you to land the YoYo on the string much more easily.

So, what shape of YoYo I buy? If you just want to do the classic (simple) YoYo tricks I would go for the Classic/Imperial or Modified shape. If you would like to progress on to more intermediate and advanced tricks, I would suggest getting a Butterfly / Wing shaped YoYo.

Look at the Specification tab on each YoYo page to see what shape each YoYo is (if you cannot tell from the photos). For more information about YoYo shapes see our FAQ.


Most YoYos these days are either plastic or metal. The metal YoYos are heavier which can be an advantage in terms of how long the YoYo spins for (how long it sleeps). However, using a heavier YoYo does mean that you have to be more careful as you can do injury to yourself or others if you get things wrong. For that reason, I would usually recommend a plastic YoYo for younger players, or those that are not confident yet.  All of our metal YoYos have a recommended age of 14+.


Another important factor you will want to consider is how responsive the YoYo is - in other words, how easily the YoYo returns to your hand. When starting out with YoYos, it's good to get a YoYo that is fairly responsive, so that it comes back to your hand without too much effort. Read more about responsiveness in our FAQ.

Great Beginner's YoYos

Some great beginners yoyos: