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Vosun 10-Ball Flat Bearing Size C

The Vosun YoYo 10-Ball Center Trak bearing has 10 balls meaning it's smoother and provides longer spins than 8-ball bearings! This bearing will fit any YoYo that uses a C-Size bearing. This bearing is an shielded bearing.

Some players enjoy playing with flat bearings due to the different way the strings reacts to your throws.  It forces you to throw straighter because you can't rely on the concave bearing to keep the string away from the response pads.

These bearings are a standard Size C to suit most modern large-bearing YoYos. Please check the Specification Tab of each YoYo to see what size bearing a particular YoYo takes (if you are unsure sent us a message and we'll figure it out for you).

Age Restrictions
Suitable Ages 8+

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