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YoYoJam Red Thick Shim Set (2 Shims)


Use these genuine YoYoJam shims to increase the gap width of your YoYoJam YoYo.  By widening the gap of your Yoyo, it will help make your YoYo more unresponsive since the string is less likely to grab the side of your YoYo (ie. whatever response system you have).
These RED shims are 0.8mm thick, and the set contains TWO (2) Red YoYoJam Shims.
These shims can be used with all adjustable gap YoYoJam YoYos that use a Large YoYoJam bearing (Size C).
NOTE: we also sell the GRAY shims, which are thinner.
Age Restrictions
Suitable Ages 8+

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