To keep your bearings and YoYo running smoothly, you need to maintain your bearing.  The best way to do this is to clean your bearing and relube it with the appropriate lube (and no, not that kind of lube - I'm talking about YoYo lube!)

If you have a responsive YoYo you will want to use a thicker lube, as this allows the bearings to grip a little better and provide more responsiveness (ie. the yoyo will come back up easier).  

If you have an unresponsive YoYo you will want to use a thinner lube, which allows the bearings to run freely against each other, creating longer sleep times and more unresponsiveness.

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Duncan Looping Oil Thick Viscosity Lube (Responsive)
Thick oil for super-responsive looping tricks! Duncan's Looping Oil is thick viscosity oil..
Duncan Spin Oil Thin Lube (Unresponsive)
Thin oil for longer sleep times for string tricks! Duncan's Spin Oil is thin viscosity oil..
One Drop V4M Bearing Lubricant (Thin, Unresponsive)
This is One Drop's new high-end bearing lube. The V4M Bearing Lubricant is extremely thin..
YoYoFactory Dark Matter Lube / Oil (Unresponsive)
TREAT your bearing right. For smooth spins and longer bearing life on modern unresponsive yoyos...
YoYoFactory Performance Oil / Lube Long Spin (Thin)
Based on 1 reviews.
YoYoFactory Long Spin Performance Oil is a low-viscosity (thin) lube used to maintain unresponsi..
YoYoFactory Performance Oil / Lube Loop / Response (Thick)
YoYoFactory Loop/Response Performance Oil is a high-viscosity (thick) lube used to maintain resp..
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