My name is Matt, and I'm hooked on YoYos! My aim is to bring the joy of yoyos to as many Australians as I can! :)  I've found that the more I delve into the YoYo world the more fun it is, and I want to help others enjoy it as much as I do!

These days yoyos do a lot more than just go down and come back up!  These days there are many different styles of yoyo play that are fantastic to watch, and even more fun to learn to do it yourself!

The one thing I've found that makes it easier to learn YoYoing is to have a decent YoYo. That doesn't mean you need a super-expensive YoYo, but you're going to learn a lot faster with something decent. So please browse my online shop and see what takes your fancy.

Here at YoYo Yo! we showcase a wide variety of yoyo manufacturers!  From the best-known manufacturers such as YoYoFactory, Yomega and Duncan, to those that are a little less-known, such as Magic YoYo, Vosun, R2FG, Recess, YoYofficer, One Drop, YoYo Friends and more!  For a potentially wider range of mainstream yoyos, please visit our sister-site,, as it is very much focussed on a wider range of the mainstream brands, especially YoYoFactory!

Note that we only sell real yoyos that should be considered as pieces of sporting equipment, they are not toys!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to drop me a line on our Contact page.