YoYoSkeel® was founded in 2010 by 6X Malaysian national yo-yo champion, Muhammad Shakeel Mohd Rose. His focus was on competing and now creating his own yoyo pattern that makes playing with a yo-yo more enjoyable and creating a smoother play experience.

YoYoSkeel® is a yo-yo product by Skeel Enterprise in Malaysia and represents as first yo-yo brand made in Malaysia.  Here at YoYo Yo we are always looking out for new yoyo manufacturers to support, especially those in the Asia-Pacific region!

These yoyos are competition-grade YoYos that look great and play great!

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YoYoSkeel Satisfaction
The SATISFACTION is yet another 2012 product from YoYoSkeel! (Man, those guys are busy..
YoYoSkeel Sense
Based on 1 reviews.
The SENSE is another 2012 product from YoYoSkeel. Designed with centered-weight rims and has a d..
YoYoSkeel Stage 1
Introducing the first plastic yo-yo used and designed by Malaysia champions, Muhammad Shakeel 7x..
YoYoSkeel Stalker 2 (Stalker II) Splash Series
The SPLASH version of the latest installment from 6X Malaysian Champion, Shakeel! The third new..
YoYoSkeel Start Up
The YoYoSkeel Start Up has been specifically designed as a beginner's yoyo for those who have li..
YoYoSkeel Strive
The YoYoskeel Strive is the latest aluminium offering from Malaysia's YoYoskeel company! ..
YoYoSkeel Stryo
Based on 1 reviews.
The Stryo is Yoyoskeel's latest full metal, professional, competition yoyo! With it's wide H-Pro..
YoYoSkeel Super Bright
The Super Bright is another superb 2014 release from YoYoskeel in Malaysia! The Superbright is Y..
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