Werrd YoYos are proudly made in Australia by Australians!  They are based in Adelaide, South Australia.  Being an Australian Online Shop, our aim is to support as many manufacturers in the Asia Pacific region as we can, including Australia itself!

Werrd manufacture wicked YoYos and are very popular for their cool designs and excellent build quality and playability!

Check out our range of Werrd YoYos for sale below!

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Werrd EIGHTY-SIX400 (86400)
Super Priced Competition Winner! Proving once again that competition-ready Yo-Yos don’t have to..
Werrd Hour 2K13
Werrd up on a budget! The Hour is Werrd's first attempt at making an affordable 7075 aluminum y..
Werrd Irony JP
Werrd's New Flagship YoYo! One of Werrd's flag ship yo-yos, the IRONY JP has an extreme shape t..
Werrd's Super Value Undersized YoYo! The MINUTE is an undersized battleship ready for action. A..
Werrd Sentinel
Werrd + Huge = Wicked! The Werrd Sentinel is the signature yoyo Mark “Sentinel” Allen. Sentinel..
Werrd TRE 2K13
Eric Tranton's New Signature Model! After years of development, Werrd is finally ready to annou..
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