Shinwoo is a South Korean yo-yo manufacturer that has become famous for offering some of the best priced ball bearing yo-yos on the market. They now have a complete line including great beginner plastic yo-yos and advanced aluminum yo-yos.

Here at YoYo Yo, we continue our support of Asia-Pacific YoYo manufacturers by bringing you some of Korea's best YoYos

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Shinwoo Auto-Return Light Up YoYo (SW401)
The Shinwoo Auto-Return Light YoYo (SW401) is another great beginner's responsive yoyo from Shin..
Shinwoo Griffin Wing (SW990)
The Shinwoo Griffin Wing (SW990) is Shinwoo's first off-string yoyo! It is very similar to other..
Shinwoo Light Up YoYo (SW201)
The Shinwoo Hi-Power Light YoYo (SW201) is a great beginner's responsive yoyo - for those that j..
Shinwoo Loop (SW501)
The Shinwoo Loop (SW501) is a great looping YoYo that will get you started with the 2A (looping)..
Shinwoo Phantom (SW605)
Based on 1 reviews.
The Shinwoo Phantom (SW605) is a all-plastic YoYo with a classic, butterfly shape giving it a gr..
Shinwoo Techno (SW502)
The Shinwoo Techno (SW502) is another great, partially responsive plastic string trick YoYo for ..
Shinwoo ZanNavi (SW801)
The Shinwoo ZanNavi (SW801) is large, responsive plastic YoYo with soft(ish) rubber rims, ideal ..
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