This category is where you will find the high-end, competition-quality YoYos!  These are the ones used by professional YoYo players around the world.

Most of these YoYos are advanced, unresponsive YoYos, so they are only recommended for serious players!

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Aero-Yo Cold Metal CO2
The Aero-Yo Cold Metal CO2 is the fantastic signature YoYo of Cold Metal team member Alexey Nemc..
Aero-Yo Droid
Aero-Yo's Affordable Flagship All-Metal Model! One of the best value-for-money offerings availa..
Aero-Yo MTE (Meet the Evolution!)
Meet the Evolution (MTE) Head-on with Aero-Yo! One of the best looking YoYos in the Aero-Yo sta..
Aero-Yo Storm
The Aero-Yo Storm is a hub-stacked YoYo with an undersized shape that fits right in your hand! C..
Duncan Echo 2
Inspired by the original Echo design, which won both National and World titles, the Echo 2 yo-yo..
Duncan Metal Drifter
The best-selling Metal Drifter™ combines high performance and high play value. Made of precision..
Duncan SkyHawk (Offstring)
The Duncan SkyHawk™ is a top performing, 4A (off-string) machine! Perfect for the beginner to pr..
Duncan Strix
Designed by 2011 European Yo-Yo Champion Kohta Watanabe, the Strix™ features a clean, modern pro..
God Tricks Eternal
Superb Looks, Fantastic Play! The Eternal is another fantastic looking (and playing) YoYo ..
God Tricks J-Power
Superb Looks, Fantastic Play! The J-Power from God Tricks is one of the best looking YoYos you ..
God Tricks Pegasus
Get Off-String with the Pegasus! The Pegasus is God Trick's off-string (4A) offering featuring ..
Magic YoYo April M002
Based on 1 reviews.
The Magic YoYo April (M002) is Magic YoYo's latest full-metal YoYo - and it is a brilliant throw..
Magic YoYo Carpfin
The Carpfin is the latest fantastic new throw from Magic YoYo designed by yoyo designer and thro..
Magic YoYo D1 GHZ (Looping/2A)
Magic YoYo have produced their first looping / 2A yoyo called the GHZ (D1 Model)! The GHZ..
Magic YoYo K3
Based on 1 reviews.
The Magic YoYo K3 is a slightly undersized all-metal, hubstacked yoyo that is super fast and fun..
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