God Tricks, established in 2010, is the newest and best high-end, competition grade, professional YoYo manufacturer from China!

Led by Jeyo (Wang Zhan Hong) a veteran YoYo player and designer whose input ensures that all the God Tricks products are top quality and competition-ready!

God Tricks are well known for producing high quality YoYos are exceptional prices!

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God Tricks Bomber
Full Sized, Heavy, Powerful! The Bomber is a full-sized, heavy (70 grams), s-shaped YoYo from G..
God Tricks Bounty Hunter
Oversized, Light-Weight, Great Fun! With a larger diameter than the other fare from God Tricks,..
God Tricks Cyclone
Be Blown Away By the Extra-Wide Cyclone! The Cyclone offers the peculiar mixture of a wide YoYo..
God Tricks Destiny
The Original God Tricks YoYo! Light and Speedy! If you had to use one word to describe the Dest..
God Tricks Eternal
Superb Looks, Fantastic Play! The Eternal is another fantastic looking (and playing) YoYo ..
God Tricks Freedom
Destiny's Younger Brother! Another Budget Saver! Another full-metal, competition level YoYo fro..
God Tricks J-Power
Superb Looks, Fantastic Play! The J-Power from God Tricks is one of the best looking YoYos you ..
God Tricks Pegasus
Get Off-String with the Pegasus! The Pegasus is God Trick's off-string (4A) offering featuring ..
God Tricks Return
Powerful, Stable, and a Great Price! The Return is pretty plain on the outside, but it's what's..
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