Aero-Yo - the biggest brand in Russia is now available here in Australia! Aero-Yo specialise is making quality YoYos at affordable prices, and is the most popular brand in Russia today!

Theiro YoYos feature stylish packaging, great design and professional quality control, ensuring the yo-yos stand out from the crowd and turn them from simple toys to real sports equipment!

Aero-Yo has yo-yos for all styles and levels of play from new players to professionals!

Grab an Aero-Yo today and play like a Ruski!

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Aero-Yo Cold Metal CO2
The Aero-Yo Cold Metal CO2 is the fantastic signature YoYo of Cold Metal team member Alexey Nemc..
Aero-Yo Droid
Aero-Yo's Affordable Flagship All-Metal Model! One of the best value-for-money offerings availa..
Aero-Yo Fly Blade
The Aero-Yo Fly Blade is an affordable composite yo-yo. Great combination of forms, weight and d..
Aero-Yo Hill and River (H&R)
The Aero-Yo Hill and River is another great composite YoYo from Aero Yo! With a plastic core, an..
Aero-Yo Machete
Based on 2 reviews.
The Perfect Unresponsive Beginners YoYo with Concave Bearing So, you want to start learning unr..
Aero-Yo MTE (Meet the Evolution!)
Meet the Evolution (MTE) Head-on with Aero-Yo! One of the best looking YoYos in the Aero-Yo sta..
Aero-Yo Shuriken 2.0 (2 in 1)
AERO-YO continues to amaze us with its new successful experiments! Aero-Yo's first entry into th..
Aero-Yo Storm
The Aero-Yo Storm is a hub-stacked YoYo with an undersized shape that fits right in your hand! C..
Aero-Yo Zombie
The Elder (and Bigger) Brother of the Monster! The Zombie is the elder (and bigger) brother of ..
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